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Culture & Heritage Tours in India

Culture and heritage tours in India are a great way to have a great family vacation that can even provide educational benefits for the kids. Once they get to see many of the historic buildings, artifacts, and more, their love of learning can kick into second gear. Joining these tours brings history to life so much more than reading the facts in a history book.

Some of the most popular culture and heritage tours in India include palaces, forts, and temples of northern and central India; Classical India; Heritage of Rajashtan; and Spiritual South India.

The palaces, forts and temples of northern and central India take you on an enchanting journey through Delhi, Agra, Gwailor, Orcha, Bhopal and Indore on an 11-night, 12-day tour. This tour can be booked from October to April. A few of the attractions you will enjoy include the Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Qutub Minar all in Delhi then on day three take a train ride to the ghost town of Fatehpur Kikri and beyond to see the Taj Mahal. Day 4 takes you to Gwailior Fort. Day 5 introduces you to the medieval city of Orchha and other places of interest in the area. On day six in Ghopal you will visit the Taj-ul-Masajid.

The classic India tour lasts 9 nights and 10 days and takes you to several cities including Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Jhansi, Kharjuraho and Varanasi. With each step you will learn more about India and its beautiful culture and also visit many historical sites along the way.

Spiritual South India takes you to many unique temples and other spiritual institutions including attractions in the cities of Chennai, Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry, Tanjore, Trichy, Madurai and Trivandrum.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of culture and heritage tours all over India that allow you to embrace the history of India and learn about their culture and heritage.

Other culture and heritage tours that your family can enjoy while visiting India include Colorful Rajasthan With Taj, Grand South India Tour, Southern Sojourn, East Bengal History Tour, Temples Of Orissa, On The Path Of Buddha, Cultural Odyssey, Heritage Of India, India’s Best, The Kamasutra Holiday, Gurudwara Special, Enchanting South India, Rajputana Retreat, On The Maharaja Trail and Rajasthani Splendor.

Choosing a tour of India is a lifetime experience that you will remember for many years to come, no matter which tour you choose or if you prefer to just hang out on the beach and visit a few historical sites. India has so much to offer from history to culture, beaches to wildlife along with romance and serenity. Let India embrace you as you take your family on a vacation that will give them years of fond memories.

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