This $ 40 Apple Pencil alternative is perfect for creators
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This $ 40 Apple Pencil alternative is perfect for creators

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Today, more and more people are familiar with the term “digital nomad”. With many offices around the world still offering hybrid or remote work options, people can work and travel at the same time. It’s great for those who suffer from wanderlust and who want to see the world but don’t necessarily want to use all their power take off to do so.


When you travel, you don’t have access to the same comfortable home office you’re used to. You may not even have the space to use a laptop. In those cases, like when you are on a bus or at the airport, it can be useful to work on a tablet. And for those who need to do some design work or can’t stand using their fingers for long periods of time, there’s the Digi Pen for iPads and tablets.

This stylus updated lasts up to 20 hours with just one hour of charging and has been improved for longer life, higher sensitivity and pixel accuracy without lags, skips or scratches. The 1.2mm fine tip is perfect for drawing, sketching, painting and writing on your tablet, especially since the Palm Rejection technology and magnetic design allow you to use it without wearing gloves, so it’s like you’re writing on paper.

With the tilt function, you can draw strokes of different thicknesses and depths, giving you too more creative control as you work. In addition, the aluminum alloy body is elegant and comfortable to the touch, so you will be able to work for long periods of time without your hand twitching. It is just like working with a brush.

Whether you’re a creative or just don’t like always using your fingers on your tablet, the Digi Pen for iPad and tablets offers a great alternative. Get it on sale for 59 percent off $ 99 for just $ 39.99 today.

Prices are subject to change.

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