From A to Z: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2
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From A to Z: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

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When closed, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G has a 6.2-inch screen, but opens up as a 7.6-inch display thanks to the device’s proprietary ultra-thin glass, which gives you more space to play with it, regardless of whether you use it to text, talk or play games.


The screen size also completely changes the game when it comes to productivity. With the updated multi-window layout and app continuity feature, you can multitask with two apps on the cover screen, move it to the home screen, open a third app as a split screen, and then simply tap to work or play where needed.

The screen also emits less blue light, so you can open up to a tablet-sized viewing experience and enjoy it for hours without being too worried about eye strain.

Source: Samsung

Meanwhile, the concealed hinge design on the Galaxy Z Fold2 allows for smooth folding motion and also gives you the ability to take photos and videos from angles that most smartphones can’t, without the need for extra equipment!

This smartphone also features three 12MP main cameras along with a 10MP front camera for optimal shots; What’s more, its flexible mode pairs with auto framing to make vlog capture hands-free. Galaxy Z Fold2 comes in two striking colors, Mystical Bronze and Mystical Black, with a contrasting zipper.

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